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Manchester, week 2
APH - Iggy, :]
makikoigami wrote in vanira
Week two of me being in Manchester. I had a little more walk around the town, even visited a museum - thank god it was for free - and had some Chinese food. I also added some pictures of my room, because I know you are dying to know about it.

My bedroom. Messy as always.

The view from my bedroom. I waited until it was a rainy day so you wouldn't be disappointed. XD No shit, but the weather has been marvelous recently.

My wardrobe. Full of business clothes. and that's the exit there.

Now back to Manchester. I pass by this bridge-view every morning, but I can never take a picture of it because the bus is too fast for my phone. Hence I walked around that way yesterday.

Since next week's St. Patrick's Day, Ireland's national holiday, there's a fair here in front of the town hall. It's like Octoberfest, just with less rides and strings instead of brass music. XD But you have a lot of food a lot of "Kiss me, I'm Irish"-t-shirts to buy and other green and orange merchandise.

That old chap over there... came from Ireland to Manchester and was pretty famous. I think it was him. If not... well, I thought the house at the corner looked awesome. That's why I took that picture.

Left hand side: old Town Hall building. Right hand side... a newer one, hence these gangway-thingies. ^^;;

That's a famous hotel... with interesting obelisks in front of it. To the right is the library that is currently being remodeled.

Onwards on my walk randomly around town. There's Oxford Street and a McDonalds... and a pub called Alibi.

Ah, I'm reaching the rainbow quarters called "The Village" now. I actually saw this house from the bus on my first day, but this is the first time I'm taking a look around there.

Just before reaching that point I was thinking "Is this it?" Then I came across a sex shop - among other signs - and I knew I was in the right area.

It's actually part of the old docks, so it's a very pretty, relaxed looking area. I liked my walk down this street... in the other direction. OTL

I'll just.... let this rest here.

Pretty houses... Funny signs... French cars.

More funny signs. More bars, more men.

More pretty houses and one of the free buses.

That was when I realized that The Village is just right behind the house I'm working at. It'S the one just behind the tower, in front of the City Tower and the Ramada-hotel.

A look back onto The Village.

The carpark just behind the house where I'm "working".

A danish bar/restaurant called KRO. It looks terribly interesting and I have sworn to myself I will eat there one day.

I had a quick walk around Piccadilly Gardens, taking pictures of the houses there...

Queen Victoria, umkränzt von Vögeln. Hinter ihr fand eine Demonstrations zur Befreiung Libyens statt.

Now, I was at the Art Gallery of Manchester with Hui, and there were some interesting things in the Exhibition hall. I liked those, because they are sand piled up.

But this one's my absolute favorite. It's called "When I'm pregnant."

Giant dishes on the wall!

And the Manchester Cathedral. I decided to be Japanese and took a picture of the plum blossoming in front of it. Spring is coming, yay! :D

This little cat was quite cuddly with me today. Took me ages though to get my camera out and take a picture of her. ^^;; She seemed to be pretty... much in heat, too. But she was so cute and so soft and so cute!!!!

Now. Price above: unleaded fuel. Price below: Diesel. Just... for you to think about.


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